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United Way Halton & Hamilton announces the appointments of the 2023-2024 Campaign Cabinet Chair, Matt Wickham and returning Major Giving Cabinet Chair, Trent Ogilvie

HALTON & HAMILTON, Thursday, May 25, 2023 – After a successful fundraising season, United Way Halton & Hamilton is thrilled to begin a new year in our work to help foster the vital network of social supports that so many in community rely on.

Your United Way is excited to announce Matt Wickham as our 2023-24 Campaign Cabinet Chair. Matt comes to the role following 2022-2023 Campaign Cabinet Chair, Ryan Packer.

This year, the organization focuses on amplifying impact in community. Together, we continue our work to strengthen the social safety net that people depend on to meet basic needs, access mental health supports, and help children and youth to thrive.

Wickham has been a Vice President with Cogeco Connexion since August 2020, and has sponsored the annual Employee Giving United Way Campaign for years. He believes in investing and giving back to the community, and has been a proud member of United Way Halton & Hamilton’s Campaign Cabinet since June 2022.

“I’d like to give my thanks to Ryan for leading the Campaign Cabinet through last year’s fundraising campaign. As a longtime supporter and experienced volunteer with United Way, he will be a great mentor as I move into the Chair role this year,” says Wickham. “I look forward to working with the ever-committed volunteers on the Campaign Cabinet. The work we do this year is exceedingly vital to helping the people of Halton and Hamilton get the help they need to thrive.”

Met with great success after inauguration in 2021, United Way is also pleased to share that the Major Giving Cabinet will continue its work across our community under the leadership of Trent Ogilvie in the 2023-24 campaign season. As returning Chair of the Major Giving Cabinet in its third year, Trent uses his strong ties to members of community to dig deep in their philanthropic efforts to serve the people, programs and services that thousands rely on for their health and safety.

“I’m so consistently impressed by the work done by the members of the Major Giving Cabinet; we’ve worked in lockstep with each other to grow this initiative, and continue to have the strong support of philanthropists for the work that United Way continues to do for this community,” says Ogilvie. “This role is quite important to me, and I’m happy to be back for another fundraising campaign. More than ever, the Major Giving Cabinet and I will be working in support of the people of Halton and Hamilton.”

Ogilvie has been a volunteer and donor to United Way for years, including his championing and participation of the United Way workplace campaign as past President of ROCKWOOL North America.

“Both Matt and Trent have been true champions of the Campaign and Major Giving Cabinet, having contributed greatly to their respective Cabinets,” says Brad Park, President and CEO United Way Halton & Hamilton. “As with years past, I am certain that their incredible desire to build a better, stronger community for all will help our United Way have another impactful year in support of people who need help the most.”

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