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Financial literacy

As the cost of living continues to rise, financial literacy is no longer just a skill, it's an essential tool for navigating today's economic landscape. Your donation empowers individuals and families with the knowledge and tools needed to make informed financial decisions, boosting their confidence, and laying the groundwork for a more stable future.

Financial literacy

Why We Need You

Moving from poverty to possibility requires addressing immediate needs in times of crisis, while also building an individual’s capacity to become economically independent. This requires providing various forms of external support and resources, especially for women, racialized people, newcomers, and those with disabilities. It includes offering financial literacy programs, employment skills training, and access to education and vocational training. Poverty not only limits individuals and families but also has a significant impact on the overall economy. In Ontario, the cost of poverty is estimated to be between $32 and $38 billion per year, which is equivalent to 5.5% to 6.6% of the provincial gross domestic product. You can help to provide the supports necessary to break the cycle of poverty.


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Number of people helped

Building on last year’s overwhelming support of our Founding Circle donors, we are excited to announce the 2024 Local Love Community Match. This is YOUR unique opportunity to join a generous group, helping to build this year’s Campaign Match. Reach out to learn how YOU can inspire positive change for the community! 


Supports resources for adult learners and volunteer tutors.


Covers the financial literacy training to help adults on low income make a budget based on their individual needs.


Provides credit counselling to 100 individuals.

Changing lives. Together.

These are challenging times, but together, we are ensuring that those in need have access to the help they deserve today, while building a better tomorrow – for everyone.

A financial literacy program made money less scary and helped Nicole turn her life around....
“It’s very important,” stresses Gord. “If you don’t file, you can’t access the credits. So go out and do it!”...

Are you or someone you know needing support?

Reach out by dialing 211—a free, confidential, 24/7 service available nationwide in Canada. Accessible in over 150 languages via phone, web, and text, 211 connects individuals to the appropriate information and services. Every day, this helpline offers a lifeline to care and resources for those in vulnerable circumstances, including seniors, newcomers, Indigenous communities, and beyond.