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Campaign Toolkit

Thank you for volunteering with your organization’s United Way campaign. Your enthusiasm and hard work make a tremendous difference in the lives of people right here in your community.

Playbooks/How-To Guides, etc.

Campaign Playbooks

Learn how to run the best workplace campaign with our Campaign Playbook 

Learn how to plan a campaign that engages your workplace’s young professionals. GenNext Playbook

Special Events Ideas

There are hundreds of innovative ways to raise awareness. We’ve listed a handful of proven special events that you might consider:

Key Messaging

Below are key messages clarifying meaning and providing takeaways for this year’s campaign. 

Get to know your impact

Community & Issue One pagers

Download United Way Halton & Hamilton’s Community Impact One-Pagers to learn more about how your donation can make a difference!

Impact Report

Read our Impact Report to learn of the impact United Way Halton & Hamilton is making right in your community. This year we have a digital version of our impact report with videos and more!

Making Choices & Make the Month

Low-income families are faced with many tough decisions every day. How will you invest your resources?

Stories & Videos

Meet the lives changed thanks to your donations.

Do you want to know what your donation could look like?

Visit our interactive impact calculator to find out how your donation helps people across Halton & Hamilton thrive.

Downloadable Fundraising & Promotional Material


Posters can help make an immediate visual impact at your workplace. Click  on the images below to download this year’s posters, which can be printed or shared virtually.

Virtual Backgrounds

Have a virtual United Way meeting? Use one of these virtual backgrounds to create a unique visual presence!

Presentation templates

You can use this presentation to as a visual aid when you’re talking about United Way and why supporting the campaign in your workplace to help our community recover is more important than ever. Speaking notes included.


Download and share this digital postcard with your colleagues! This one-stop tool showcases the work of United Way Halton & Hamilton, and our collective impact in the community.

Table Cards

Looking to add a little extra United Way to your events or workspace? Table cards provide a direct and visually engaging way to communicate with individuals, having a positive impact on brand recognition, and donor engagement.

Pledge Forms

Show Your Local Love.

Donate Today


Let everyone know that your workplace’s casual Friday is helping to Improve Lives Locally with “Dressed this way for United Way” stickers. Download the template to print your own.

All other Communication templates (new hire letter, sample emails, social media templates, etc.)

Invite new hires to your organization to join your Workplace’s United Way campaign by including this letter and pledge form in their onboarding package

Use these messaging templates when developing communications to invite your colleagues to support the United Way campaign