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Labour Partnership

Through the historic Labour principles of social activism and solidarity, unions work to increase the social conscience of their members through communication, education, and engagement to create a community where everyone matters and is able to reach their full potential without barriers.

United Way and the Canadian Labour Congress have been partners since 1988 – both having a common vision for strong, healthy and prosperous communities offering a wide range of accessible, universal and high-quality social and public services. Labour acknowledges the important role of volunteers in creating these communities and United Way recognizes the need for fully funded and staffed public services.

At United Way Halton & Hamilton our Labour Programs & Services Representatives work with labour to engage community. The Labour Staff honour the ongoing strong partnership between Labour and UWHH, with the Oakville & District Labour Council and Hamilton & District Labour council.

Unions across Canada are longstanding and generous contributors to United Way campaigns by encouraging members to volunteer and give. This important partnership goes much deeper than just financial support, Labour representatives advocate for those in need in their communities, they serve on United Way boards and committees, and offer programs like cooperative housing, childcare and other services.

To learn more on how you can engage your Union Local around supporting those in need, contact:

Become a Labour Community Advocate

Are you looking to learn more about the social issues facing your membership and community? The 8-week Labour Community Advocate Training program is designed to give union members tools to understand what supports are available in their community and connect with the appropriate resources to aid their sisters, brothers, and comrades in the workplace, and union. Built into the program, participants will receive training on interviewing, referrals, communication and so much more.

Labour Community Advocates

Topics covered in level 1 program:

Get in Touch

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