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Gary’s Story
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From an early age, the odds were stacked against Gary. But through United Way’s network of support, he’s had no trouble knocking down pins, winning gold on the largest stage and securing meaningful employment.

At the age of two, Gary suffered a severe accident that left him hospitalized for over a year. Despite having only one functioning hand, Gary was determined to move on with his life.

Today, Gary lives a life filled with accolades many would envy. He’s a four-star bowler, part of the Special Olympics and has captured five gold medals for Canada throughout his bowling career.

While those are great personal accomplishments, because of your donations, Gary overcame many obstacles – providing him with the right supports to secure meaningful employment.

“Working has been a very good experience for me.”

“Thank you. United Way’s support has helped me become the person I am today.”


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“I started my relationship with the agency four years ago. I was attending a program to learn about computers and someone suggested I could have lunch at the senior’s centre in the same building as the school. I was served delicious lunches and was able to participate in activities. The centre gives seniors a sense of independence and a chance to have a social life. They make them feel important.
As a newcomer, Sebastian found himself struggling in school and trying to learn English. Now, five years later, he is volunteering at the United Way-supported agency and serving as a leader to newcomers arriving today. His family emigrated from there home country when Sebastian was seven. “It was because of the state my country was in. It wasn’t the greatest in terms of safety. We were shot at one day when going to my grandma’s house, and I think that’s what led my parents to finally make the decision to immigrate.”